06 November, 2012

Sketches: food and more

Food Sketch

I have been away for the long weekend sketching with friends. It’s been a fun and productive weekend. I have not drawn so much in my life, but what a joy to be drawing and splashing paint.

Tea sketch

We ate and drank a lot; it was a holiday too.

Items in shop sketch

We went to an interesting cafe which was also a homeware store. There were a lot of nice objects to draw.

Food sketch

We drew other things too (really, we did), and I will upload more drawings in the next posts. Here is one last spread from my DottedSquare.com sketchbook. It is also the last page, so I will need a new book.

Hope you are all having a good week.


Update on Deals at DottedSquare.com

DottedSquare.com is offering a 1 for 1 offer on notecards – perfect timing for those Christmas greetings that we need to write. The offer is only for this week.


  1. lovely sketches to remember your day!

  2. I would love to sit down and slowly page through your drawings! I love how you capture the moment but that you don't get tight or precious. I always seem to get hung up in the details, and over complicate my drawings. You have obviously mastered simplifying and fining the spirit of your subject without over doing anything. Thank you for sharing your work. I'm learning a lot by studying your drawings.