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Drawing at Koko Black cafe in Melbourne, with Kym
over cups hot chocolate and pastries
I have regular drawing sessions with a few others around the city. If you live in Melbourne, of if you are visiting, please contact me to find out where and when the next session will be. We meet at a different location every time, and it's fun every time.

Interesting sites

  • Creative Australia Artists Grants - great place to find some funding for your next project.
  • Urban Sketchers - if you love sketching and drawing, your will find something that inspire you here. You will discover lots of styles and ways to draw. Definitely must check this out.
  • 20 Wonderful Drawing Blogs - a list complied by Michael Nobbs.
  • Sadami's Graffiti -  beautiful watercolour pieces by a talented artist. I love her portraits.
  • David Flexk: lovely handrawn pieces, fabulous artwork. Love them all.
  • Daily Infographic -  infographic about all sorts of things. I am enjoying going through the graphics and am getting a lot of new information.
I will update this list from time to time, but if you know of other interesting sites, please please please tell me.